Elegant Armor


It started out with new accessories,

Purple and black bracelets,

Tight around my wrist.

New makeup too,

Purple eyeshadow;

Around my eye,

Across my cheekbone;

With red lipstick running down my chin.

Looking in my vanity,

I see you,


Who have given me,


These new items,


With your fists clenched,

Knuckles red.

I smile,

Hoping you’ll see I appreciate the presents.


You lay beside me;

The weight of your warmth calms me,

Like a gentle lullaby,

You soothe me to sleep.

But tonight,

Tonight I ache for you.

My throbbing,


Wanting body.

Lacing my fingers with yours,

I tug you calloused hand across my scorching skin.

I feel you stir,

My wild want waking you.

Your lips press against my shoulder,

Pulling me into out passionate paradise.